About Us

Corbel Construction was formed in 2000 by Mark Wells, and Craig Jones, who are both actively involved in the day-to-day operation of the business. Corbel Construction has been developing and maturing as a construction company since its formation. 

The size and capability of our team currently allows us to provide construction services throughout the greater Canterbury and South Island area as well as having a strong presence in Auckland. 

As we have grown we have structured our business around the key market sectors to which we provide construction management services. These are Commercial, Education, Health, Community, Interiors and Multi-Unit Residential.

Within each of these market sectors, we seek to work and develop long term relationships with key customers. Our belief is that in order to do this we must provide an exceptional customer experience to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

We have modelled our business around the customer and a senior manager is allocated to each key customer to ensure we are providing the exceptional customer experience we are promising.

Best practice is driven through an emphasis on project controls, reporting, health and safety and quality. We elected to become a leader in health and safety in the Christchurch Rebuild and were a founding member of the Safety Charter. We have an exceptional record in this regard and practice what we preach.

As Corbel Construction has grown we have established a culturally diverse team by employing very experienced and skilled construction professionals from around the world. They have proven to have a great commitment to establishing their own family life here and embracing the culture of New Zealand. They are our greatest asset and we are very proud of the range of skills we are able to provide our customers.


For all our our construction projects, Operational Excellence is a forgone conclusion. At Corbel we define Operational Excellence as:

Customer - our ultimate delivery focus is your positive experience while we work together - no ifs, buts, excuses or surprises.

The Corbel Way - a simple system of operating that enables our team to perform at their best and inject SMARTS into your project delivery.

Budget - a team who understand your budget constraints and always attempt to find value solutions to manage any budget variations.

Safety - a company culture that ensures everyone on site works safely and goes home in the same condition they arrived. 

Quality - a delivery team who manage our strong subcontractor base to ensure all value the delivery of quality work, to your scope and specifications.

Programme - a delivery team focussed on driving the programme and finding solutions to finish your project on time.