Our Customers

Corbel have been fortunate enough to work alongside a number of fantastic customers completing a range of challenging and complex projects across a wide range of industries. These include, but are not limited to hospitals, schools, power and recycling plants, retail fit-outs, office complexes, multi-residential apartments, warehouses, community centres and churches.

Our customers are the backbone of our business.  In fact without our customers we wouldn’t have a business.  They are the most important visitor we have on any of our sites, and the most important phone call or email during the course of any given day.   

We work hard to ensure our customers have an exceptional experience during our projects – a positive customer experience is the best outcome our team can achieve.  

In order to be able to maintain an outstanding service and deliver an exceptional customer experience we have adopted a strategy of narrowing our focus to key customers. We believe that this strategy allows us to grow deeper and longer-term working relationships with organisations that will assist in our growth aspirations.

This focus has also meant not only an increase in the size and sophistication of projects we undertake, but also a heavy focus on process and management systems essential to ensure delivery for such customers across a range of construction projects.
This strategy has produced an enviable group of key customers that we work with regularly including the Ministry of Education, Christchurch City Council, Canterbury District Health Board and Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology. These key customers have an ongoing demand for consistent performance from the construction companies they work with and we work hard to not only meet these performance requirements, but also provide an exceptional customer service along the way.