Customer Relation & Communication

An important aspect of the Corbel culture is to ensure the best outcome. We will identify the objectives and concerns of all stakeholders and ensure these are given full consideration in the delivery of the Project. This process leads to effective non-adversarial relationships and a collaborative working environment. Corbel will also:

  • Provide a commitment to effective leadership through defined accountabilities and authorities
  • Ensure staff are suitably trained for their roles
  • Provide clear channels of communication that build effective working relationships
  • Ensure that our customer’s objectives for the Project are understood by the whole project team
  • Include all stakeholders in the project decision-making processes
  • Provide a framework for resolving differences through discussion
  • Ensure the project team embraces and fulfils these commitments

A fundamental part of our role is to engage with all stakeholders, keeping everyone informed of what is happening on a project. Reports on our projects are usually provided on a fortnightly basis. To supplement these reports regular meetings are held throughout the project, which will focus on central issues that need to be resolved.
The aim is to provide an effective level of two-way communication, helping the project team to collaboratively minimise disruption to the work environment whilst also maximising the efficient completion of the project.