Health and Safety

Corbel Construction is committed to being a safety leader in the construction industry. Our safety leadership demonstrates we care about the workers on our sites. We ensure we manage our projects so everyone who works on a Corbel site goes home safely each night.

Our safety systems, practice and culture are consistently monitored, reviewed and improved to ensure we maintain a safety leadership stance. Our process manual guides our staff through planning health and safety on our sites and progresses through to full implementation of the plan.

Upon project award we create a Site Specific Safety Plan. This allows us to work through the project assessing risk, apply precautionary measures and review any residual risks. Each trade is required to prepare a Site Specific Safety Plan and task analysis for review and approval prior to commencement onsite.

Our Safety Officer completes monthly site safety inspections to ensure safe work practices and policies are implemented onsite. Our site-based teams also audit themselves on a weekly basis to confirm compliance.

Regular internal and external training on safety and wellbeing is provided to Corbel staff including First Aid, Building Construction Passport, H&S Representatives training and monthly internal training sessions.

Corbel’s health and safety policies meet the requirements of:

· Appcon: We have achieved a green rating and a score of 82%

· ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices: We have achieved a secondary rating

· The Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter: We sit on the steering group and chair the communications sub-committee.