Supply Chain

It is anticipated that, as the construction market gains momentum, suppliers and subcontractors will all struggle to maintain the ability to deliver quality products and workmanship and to keep up with growth and demand. With this in mind we have implemented the following:

  • Procurement – we have established a procurement function that focuses on identifying areas within the business that has supply chain issues and works to rectify this by sourcing quality subcontractors or suppliers.
  • Project Controls – these include a pre-qualification process for subcontractors; monitoring their quality and health and safety compliance, and appointment on terms intended to maintain a focus on excellence in their delivery.
  • Planning – discloser on a regular basis to our supply chain partners our forecasting and other planning tools to enable them to plan and grow their businesses. Our view is that if each of our subcontractors and suppliers are able to grow their business in a planned and stable manner this can only increase our delivery capability.

Selection of the supply chain is undertaken in an open and professional manner allowing full transparency for all parties. We ensure only ‘best for project’ selections are made.